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About Department of PE

Department of Physical Education


Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education, Technical University of Liberec


Department of Physical Education (DPE) exists in Liberec since 1953. Originally it was a part of the University of Mechanical Engineering, and later the Institute of Mechanical and Textile Engineering (IMTE), ensuring mandatory general physical education, and summer and winter courses for students of both faculties. After 1990, four other faculties were created and IMTE was transformed into a Technical University in Liberec. DPE has also undergone a transformation - department that provides only general physical education changed to a specific department of the Faculty of Education that continues to provide a general physical education for non-specialists and students of other faculties. The number of employees was increasing by the needs of the department and currently has 15 teachers and cooperates with external lecturers and experts.

Most of the teaching takes place in the premises of the sports complex of TUL located in close proximity to the student dormitory. The complex was put into operation in 1983 and gradually modernized and extended. It currently manages 2 large gyms, fitness center, table tennis room, football field, tennis courts, an inflatable hall with other tennis courts, 3 aerobic halls and a sauna. All these facilities also used by the Academic Sports Center and the University Sports Club.

DPE provides teaching of specialists in physical education for 1st and 2nd grade of elementary school and kindergarten and a bachelor´s degree in Recreology, Free time pedagogy and Physical education in combination with other subject. First students majoring in physical education teaching were admitted to study in the academic year 1990/91 and the first graduates completed their studies in 1993/94. Study of sports management began in 1996/97 and the first graduates ended up with studies in 1998/99. Recreology was launched in 2011.

The research activity of DPE is focused on evaluation of physical condition and basic components of physical fitness of youth, including the modeling of its further development, the functional load diagnostics and performance of top athletes and kinematic motion analysis. This area of ​​activity is strongly

supported by University Sports Medicine Centre, which exists since 2001 and is located in the sports complex of TUL.




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